Michael John Bobak


Michael John Bobak is a contemporary artist with a unique style. He uses a technique of his own devising he calls "smearing" in order to blend different images together into a dreamlike whole.. "Everyone has their own individual view of the world in which we live. I enjoy bending reality to capture my vision of it." 

"“All progress takes place outside the comfort zone.” 

– Michael John Bobak 
Michael John Bobak is a digital artist who is, in many circles, more known for this quote than his art. But this is a shame, as his art is a totally sublime example of this quote: unconventional, yet influenced by so many of the familiar symbols of our time, his pieces are often dizzying digital collages (using a technique he calls “smearing”). Sometimes they’re funny, sometimes they’re surreal, and often they’re uncomfortable. But if art – like anything else – is to progress, it’s going to take place outside the comfort zone."
Jessica Wei - Writer for

"Such a joyful, colourful, healthy looking salad. Yum-yum. Stunning presentation, eye catching work of art. Delightfully pleasant to eat....errr to see I mean (pun intended). You are one playful artist, as it shows in your movements of colours. Astute, and full of fun. The amazing thing about your painting is, it has no trace of any chaos or controversies. It's peaceful, calm, bright and celebratory. An "A" class work. Thank you for giving us joy. Namaste".  
Leonardo Jimenez, Artist on Hyper-Kinetic Salad

"WOW the spacial relation of the colors is not just lovely it is inspirational and this is what art really from the heart and soul looks like. One word, amazing!"

Nadine Smeltzer - retired teacher of Computer Applications and Graphic Art as well as Traditional Art.